🏃‍♂️Getting started with $SWAP

Buy and stake $SWAP

Before buying $SWAP, make sure you are using a wallet which supports $SWAP tokens like Metamask.

To download a Metamask wallet:

  • Go to the Metamask website and click Download

  • Follow the instructions and set up your Metamask wallet. It should now appear as a browser extension on your desktop or as an app on your mobile device.

To add $SWAP support on your Metamask wallet:

  • On your Metamask wallet under Assets, click Add Token.

  • Click on Custom Token and paste 0xcc4304a31d09258b0029ea7fe63d032f52e44efe under Token Contract Address.

  • Click Next.

  • Click Add Token.

Great! You are ready to buy SWAP tokens. There are many methods to buy $SWAP tokens as described here and outlined below.

On the TrustSwap Website with a bank transfer or a credit card payment

  1. Navigate to the TrustSwap website and click [Buy SWAP] on the upper right of the page.

  2. Select the payment method you would like to use and the amount of fiat money you wish to exchange for $SWAP tokens. Click “Buy Now”.

  3. Enter your ERC20 wallet address where you wish to receive your $SWAP tokens, or alternatively select “CONNECT WALLET” to attach your external wallet, like Metamask.

  4. Click “Buy SWAP”.

  5. Enter your e-mail address and complete your purchase by providing your bank/card details on the following pop-up windows.

    If you fail to find a liquidity provider for your currency, use one of the alternative methods below to buy $SWAP.

On Uniswap

  1. Navigate to the Uniswap DEX Interface:

  2. Click “Connect Wallet” to connect with a compatible wallet like Metamask and select the currency you would like to exchange (e.g. ETH or USDT) for SWAP tokens.

  3. Click the “Swap” button and sign the transaction with your external wallet.

    Note: In some wallets, if it is your first transaction, you need to first sign the permission for Uniswap to trade your token.

view options on trustswap.org

On an external exchange

Buy $SWAP on any of the supported exchanges found on this link.

view options on trustswap.org

How can I stake $SWAP?

Make sure you hold $SWAP in your wallet as well as enough of the base token (ETH, BNB, MATIC, Etc.) to pay for staking transaction fees.

  1. Navigate to our Staking Portal and connect your wallet. We recommend Metamask.

  2. Complete the simple steps outlined and "Confirm" by signing the transaction with your wallet.

See the "Staking" section of our FAQs above for more details on staking SWAP.

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