🔁The $SWAP Token

The TrustSwap Ecosystem is powered by $SWAP utility token. The current utilities for SWAP are numerous and new use cases are always being explored as TrustSwap continues to grow.

$SWAP is a deflationary utility token which can be used to pay the fees for many of TrustSwap's services.

When the fees are paid in $SWAP instead of ETH a 50% discount is granted. From those fees, 10% is burned, 10% goes to the developer fund and 80% is placed in the staking reward pool.

SWAP is currently available on the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon

  • Avalanche

Below you can find a summary of the current and future utilities of the $SWAP token.

Discounts on TrustSwap service fees

  • Receive a 50% discount on TrustSwap service fees when paid in $SWAP.


Stake $SWAP in the TrustSwap Long Term Staking Portal (LTSP) for anywhere between 30 days and 5 years to earn Staking Rewards and increase your Staking Score.

  • Staking Rewards are released hourly to all staking wallets proportional to their Staking Scores and can be claimed or compounded at any time. Rewards pools are funded by baseline deposits of 5M SWAP over 5 years and plus SWAP additional SWAP accrued from platform fees and market buybacks. No new tokens are ever minted. Actual APYs may vary.

  • A Staking Score of at least 4000 $SWAP unlocks guaranteed allocations in Launchpads (KYC and Geo-restrictions apply). Stake more SWAP for longer periods to get larger allocations.


  • Daisy stakes 10,000 SWAP for 5 years.

  • 5 Year Multiplier = 10X so

    • Staking Score is 10X total SWAP staked: 100,000

    • Projected APY is 10X the base rate*: (~14.5%*)

  • The staking pool has at least 1M SWAP per year (baseline) so if the total of all Staking Scores was 10,000,000 and didn't change, Daisy would get 1% of the total distribution. Over 5 years, this would be at least 50,000 SWAP (1% of 5M) or 100% APY (before compounding).

This is just an example and Projected APYs are estimated. These numbers will vary dynamically as more people stake and additional rewards are added to the pool.

*Base rate APY applies to 30-day stakes and is subject to change.

Other Utilities

TrustSwap VIP Access

  • Staking at least 100,000 $SWAP for 5 years unlocks access to the "TrustSwap VIP Community Council", a private Telegram room for discussion of upcoming deployments, Launchpads, and ecosystem upgrades.


  • Use $SWAP to buy products on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay through Shopping.io


  • Many of our Launchpad projects reserve a % of their total supply for farming pools. Stake $SWAP in one (or more) of the farming pools to earn tokens from that launchpad project.


  • Use $SWAP to create transferable NFT-based liquidity bonds on Sync Network.

Connect Finance

  • Use $SWAP as collateral for visa credit card purchases.

Utility Roadmap Q3/Q4

  • CryptoCart will accept $SWAP as a payment method across all current, and future stores and additionally will offer a set amount of unique discount vouchers to be used at checkout through the CryptoCart discount system.

  • Stake $SWAP in the Mint token pools and receive other newly minted tokens.

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