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Name: TrustSwap

Founded: July 2020

Token: $SWAP

Team size: over 50 employees

TrustSwap offers smart contract services and innovative solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) and helps the crypto community transact with integrity and accountability. TrustSwap solves problems in the DeFi space connected to payments, escrow, minting, token and liquidity locks, and fundraising.

TrustSwap is building foundational layers in the rapidly-emerging decentralized finance landscape with services like SmartLocks, Mint, Launchpad, Swappable (NFT interface), Farming as a Service, and Vesting as a Service. TrustSwap recently acquired one of the top 3 Crypto portfolio/tracker and news apps, TheCryptoApp, and is also a proud sponsor of the Eden Reforestation project.‌

How we started

The SWAP token is a deflationary utility token that grants access and discounts to TrustSwap DAPPs and services including the TrustSwap Launchpad. 100,000,000 SWAP were initially minted and no more will ever exist.

TrustSwap did a private sale without vesting schedule in July 2020, where 49 individuals participated in order to receive the $SWAP utility token to obtain discounts for our EaaS (Escrow as a Service) and OTC trading smart contracts.

No other investment has been received, and no equity has been given out besides to 4 members of the C-suite team.

The full 100% of the raised amount during the ILO was used as liquidity provision on the UniSwap DEX.

60 million (60%) was sold in the ILO (initial liquidity offering) on July 9th, 2020 for $0.005 each, raising $228,845.18.

20 million (20%) was allocated for marketing, development, legal, bounties, and airdrop campaigns.

20 million (20%) was allotted to the team and vested at 4% per month over 25 months.


The Crypto App​‌​

Token & Liquidity locks


​‌​MINT token generator

‌​Swappable NFT Platform

​‌​Launchpads & Incubators

‌​Farming as a Service


‌​Multisender & Opt-in


‌​Decentraland HQ​‌​







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