The following features make TrustSwap a comprehensive and secure cross-chain DeFi toolkit.

We are always expanding our range of services and refining our existing products.

In only 1 year's time and with a modest $228,000 raise, TrustSwap went from offering 1 SmartSwap service to a vast ecosystem that also includes 2 acquisitions.

This is evidence that this hardworking and passionate team has -DELIVERY, not promises- in its core values.

TrustSwap services include:

  • SmartLaunch - Our full-service platform for new blockchain projects

    • Mint - Create customizable, fully audited tokens without any coding required

    • Vesting as a service

    • SmartLocks including token locks and liquidity locks

    • MultiSender & Opt In

    • White Label Solutions

  • Staking - Stake SWAP in our Long Term Staking Portal (LTSP) for up to 5 years and enjoy up to 1000% APY (10X!)

  • Launchpad and Incubator services including Flashlaunches, SwapDrops, Farming, and Liquidity Pools

  • SmartSwap - P2P trustless escrow for digital assets.

  • Swappable - premium NFT platform

  • TheCryptoApp - for Portfolio tracking, news, and alerts with over 2M downloads. In-app staking, Trading and Farming coming soon!

Our Smart Contracts are audited by Certik, Chainsulting and/or Hacken.

Token Locks and Liquidity Locks

A transparent, secure and decentralized smart contract vault for time-released vesting of liquidity tokens and team tokens.

Supported Chains: Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Algorand, Conflux and Polygon. More chains in progress.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Service to assist de-risking DeFi by eliminating common bad actor vectors such as rug pulls and exit scams. The transparent public vesting dashboard will increase investor and community confidence.

Notes: Market leader in Token and Liquidity locks. Over 1.5 billion USD in locked value, by 9k+ projects.

​Visit Team.Finance Smart Locks​

Vesting Locks

Projects can create their own hourly token vesting contract in our audited smart contract platform with flexible and customizable vesting periods. Over the configured amount of time, token receivers can claim their tokens on an hourly basis.

Supported Chains: Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Algorand, Conflux and Polygon. More chains in progress.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Assist in preventing mass tokens dumps by investors, airdrop and ICO/ILO/IDO participants and/or other vested external parties by continuously releasing small amounts of tokens into an hourly claiming dashboard. This way vested tokens holders will individually decide when to (partially) claim their tokens. This can create a more balanced and distributed token release schedule that spreads out sell pressure and volatility.

​Visit Team.Finance Vesting Locks​


The DAPP where anyone can easily, within minutes and without coding experience, create audited and customizable tokens.

Supported Chains: Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. More chains in progress.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Eliminating code-based risks and costs such as secret minting features, backdoors, code vulnerabilities, attack vectors, bad actor developers, costly & time-consuming Token Contract development, and costly audits.

Projects can quickly mint their own audited token and add common features such as minting, burning, staking, and more.

The projects not only save a lot of money avoiding 3rd party audits and code development but also generate trust from the community knowing that the scam and attack risk has significantly reduced.

​Visit Mint​


Our service for audited farming pools for both tokens and liquidity pool tokens.

Supported Chains: Ethereum, Avalanche and BSC. More chains in progress.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Quick and convenient way for projects to have us set up their farming pools. Available for both tokens and liquidity pool token farming. Projects save development time & cost.

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The TrustSwap Launchpad and Incubator

A service designed to identify new crypto startups with strong teams and innovative use cases and guide them to achieve their long-term goals and potential through support on Business Development, Operations, Exchange listings, Tokenomics, Marketing, UI/UX, VC Roadshow, Initial Token Offerings, and more. We also organize the public and private raise and provide access to our ecosystem tools and network.

Supported Chains: All chains.

Status: Live

Goal: Identify and guide promising crypto startups to live up to their potential, help them reach their hard cap, and give SWAP stakers the opportunity for early access to the best new crypto and DeFi tokens in the space.

Our launchpads differentiate themselves by having a 24h application window and a guaranteed allocation (pending KYC and geographical restrictions) for $SWAP stakers.

We have raised over $28M+ for 25+ projects. This includes 6 FlashLaunch projects that had raises under $750k.

​Visit the TrustSwap Launchpad

To submit your crypto project for the TrustSwap Launchpad/Incubator services, please fill out this Application Form.

The Crypto App

Description: One of the top 3 cryptocurrency mobile apps on Android featuring a diverse set of news, widgets, tracking and portfolio services from over 3000+ cryptocurrency assets and 100+ exchanges in an easy-to-use interface. The Crypto App has over 2 million downloads and over 900k active users.

Status: Live since 2017.

Goal: Offer the all-in-one app with news, features, and functionalities for crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Notes: Acquired by TrustSwap in 2021, a full UI/UX redesign is in progress as well as new partnerships to expand the features and services and become the one-stop-crypto-shop. Depending on Android store geography, The Crypto App is listed as a top 3 crypto app. The iOS version is available in beta version and feature updates are in progress.

​Visit TheCrypto.App​

MultiSender / Opt-In

Description: Service to send tokens to groups of recipients. Useful for Airdrops, Initial Token Offers and other mass token distributions. As well as (depending on the chain) an easy interface for token holders to opt-in to approve the receival of that specific asset in their wallet.

Supported Chains: Algorand. More chains will be added.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Provide both projects and token receivers with a user-friendly interface to set up token distributions and the ability to Opt-In to receive them. No need to build your own custom interface, at TrustSwap we have you covered.

Notes: Brand new service by TrustSwap. Already successfully used by Buying.com’s initial token offering.

​Visit the TrustSwap - Algorand Multisender​


Description: Need to transact in crypto in a trustless escrow but don’t know how without paying high middleman fees? P2P/OTC escrow services now become easy, quick, and affordable, with SmartSwap.

Supported Chains: ERC20. More chains will be added.

Status: Main net.

Goal: SmartSwap removes the costly middleman and provides non-custodial, fully audited and secure smart contract solutions for 2 players to transact their crypto securely, quickly and with minimal fees.

Notes: SmartSwap is in the final stage of receiving an UI/UX redesign. It will be rebranded into a corporate version and a separate consumer P2P version.​

Visit TrustSwap SmartSwap​

Swappable NFT

Description: The low fee NFT interface with focus on exclusive drops from world-renowned artists, athletes, and celebrities. Swappable will offer 3 types of services:

1) The Partnerships Interface reserved to showcase exclusive NFTs from our premier partners,

2) The β€˜NFT-Interface-as-a-Service’ portal that can be contracted to auction private NFT collection(s) in a custom design, and

3) The generic public interface where everyone can create, collect, and sell their NFT creations.

Supported Chains: Ethereum (ERC721 and ERC1155). Polygon support in progress.

Status: Main net.

Goal: Offering 3 types of low fee NFT interfaces designed to serve the demanding and diverse NFT industry in a flexible way.

Notes: The NFT Partnership interface is already active offering exclusive drops. The community can mint and sell their own NFTs and many NFT-Interface-as-a-Service websites, custom build, for one very special drops are being created. Soon, we will enable P2P NFT trading and P2P ERC20 trading on Swappable.

​Visit Swappable.io​

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