Get guaranteed allocation and early access to some of the most promising crypto and DeFi projects through our industry-leading, chain-agnostic launchpad.

What is a TrustSwap Launchpad?

TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service launch platform where stakers can gain early access to the most promising up-and-coming blockchain projects which are pre-approved by a panel of blockchain experts.

TrustSwap Launchpad provides SWAP stakers with guaranteed token allocation (pending KYC and Geographical restrictions).

How is the TrustSwap Launchpad different?

The TrustSwap Launchpad uses TrustSwap’s advanced SmartLocks technology which provides customizable and fully-audited services that can securely lock tokens for teams, developers, and/or early stakers. Our smart contracts releases these tokens after the completion of specific development milestones and vesting periods.

We offer guaranteed allocations in Launchpads for anyone with a Staking Score over 4000. This can be achieved by staking 4000 SWAP for 30 days or as little as 400 SWAP for 5 years.

Launchpad allocation amounts are distributed proportionately based on the Stake Scores of all participants. Allocation sizes for launchpads depend on your stake score in relation to the total stake score of everyone else who applied for the launchpad. So if you hold a larger percentage of the pool, you get a larger allocation.

For example, if the raise is $1M, and you are the only one who applied, you have the entire $1M allocation to yourself. Alternatively, if many other people applied to the launchpad, and you had one percent of the points in the application pool, you’d have an allocation of $10,000.

For FlashLaunches, we will continue to use the lottery method to assign allocations. Participants will receive one entry in the random drawing for each 1000 Points in their Stake Score over the 4000 Point minimum.

This model allows for small stakers and large stakers alike to be able to have an equal chance at increasing their allocation size by staking long-term.

Who can participate in a Launchpad?

To participate in our launchpad token offerings, you must:

1) Have a Staking Score of at least 4000.

2) Not be domiciled in the USA or any UN-sanctioned countries.

3) Submit a complete application within the 24-hour launch window.

4) Successfully pass KYC verification.

For KYC we use Sekuritance. You will need a valid ID (Passport, driver's license, etc.), a selfie, and proof of address. You may be required to include a selfie of you holding a note with the project name and your ID. Exact details are included in the announcement for each specific launchpad so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and read the articles carefully.

Which currencies can I use to pay for my allocation?

USDT and USDC on ETH, BSC, or MATIC can normally be used to pay for allocations however this is subject to change as each launchpad partner decides how they want to receive funds.

Why did I receive only some of my tokens upon launch?

Projects using the TrustSwap Launchpad use a process called token vesting to distribute tokens to their community over time. This helps prevent early sell pressure and ensures that the project has time to get some traction and deliver on milestones before the tokens are fully distributed.

How can I see the performance for each launchpad?

Navigate to our Launchpad Dashboard for current and upcoming listings, as well as to access the performance metrics of each launchpad.

What is a hard cap?

Hard cap is the maximum limit of a specific token that will be allocated.

What is the difference between a FlashLaunch and a Launchpad?

Regular Launchpads feature projects that raise above $750,000 and offer guaranteed allocation to everyone with a minimum Staking Score of 4,000.

FlashLaunches are provided exclusively for projects raising below $750,000 and allow participants a chance for an allocation based on a provably-fair random drawing.

For FlashLaunches, eligible SWAP stakers are assigned a number of entries into a random drawing based on their Staking Score with each allocation being the same amount. 1 entry is assigned for each 1000 Points over the 4000 Point minimum.

What is a Golden Ticket NFT?

Golden Ticket NFTs are occasionally created for FlashLaunches as a way for participants to purchase a guaranteed allocation and bypass the random drawing. Golden Ticket NFTs are minted by TrustSwap which each unlocks a guaranteed allocation (pending KYC and geographical restrictions) for that specific launch. A limited number of Golden Ticket NFTs are minted per FlashLaunch and registered applicants can attempt to buy as many as they wish.

These NFTs are initially put for auction with no minimum bid. Whoever holds the NFT at the β€œsnapshot” time is joining the whitelist for an allocation. After the snapshot, these NFTs continue to be collectibles and may have other utilities within the TrustSwap ecosystem or the new project's communities. All NFTs are tradeable on any NFT marketplace.

Participants can join a FlashLaunch both with Staking Score entries and a Golden Ticket NFT. Selected applicants from the drawing can also hold Golden Ticket NFTs and get one or more additional allocations!

How can I check upcoming token launches and drops?

Check the TrustSwap launchpad calendar and be sure to join the official TrustSwap Announcements channel in Telegram to get real-time updates and announcements as they are made public.

How can I launch my crypto project with TrustSwap?

If you have a crypto project and would like support from TrustSwap with launching your token or exploring incubation opportunities, please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. Our team will review it and someone will get back to you within 10 business days.

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