The combination of 4 key TrustSwap services

What is SmartLaunch?

Nowadays everyone can create a token and launch it on a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap.

Such tokens are often risky because of liquidity pulls, poor contract code, exit scams (projects running away with the ILO/ICO/IDO raise) and mass token dumps by external investors due to unfavorable or non-existing vesting schedules.

At TrustSwap, we have created a solution that is able to tackle these fundamental issues in the crypto space for all stakeholders involved including token holders and creators launching new tokens. TrustSwap has created an ecosystem called SmartLaunch that ensures minimal risk of scams, hacks, token dumps, and coding errors.

SmartLaunch is a security ecosystem which consists of 4 key services:

How can TrustSwap's locking services be combined with MINT to achieve maximum security?

Projects launched via the TrustSwap Launchpad have access to our Token Locks, Liquidity Locks and Vesting-as-a-Service in order to guarantee high quality and security.

Additional trust and confidence can be obtained by combining these services with MINT. MINT is the service that allows anyone to easily mint within minutes and without coding experience required, an audited and customizable token on Ethereum, Polygon and/or Binance Smart Chain. With MINT, projects can significantly decrease development and audit costs, and remove code-based risks such as secret minting features, backdoors, code vulnerabilities, attack vectors and bad actor developers.

Projects can efficiently mint their own audited token and add common features such as minting, burning, staking, and more. The projects save significant costs for 3rd party audits and code development and generate trust from the community knowing that the scam and attack risk is exponentially declining. The integration of these 4 services offers a secure and safe environment to your investors, community, holders, stakers, and team members by preventing team token dumps, rug pulls, and rogue and risky minting. Claim schedules can be connected to concrete achievements and dates, in a trustless and transparent environment.

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