Stake your $SWAP in the Long Term Staking Portal (LTSP) to enjoy guaranteed allocations in our Launchpads, SWAP staking rewards, and other exclusive benefits.

What is Staking?

Staking $SWAP is your way of showing your commitment to the TrustSwap community by locking up your tokens for anywhere from 30 days to 5 years. There is no early withdrawal for staked tokens however staking rewards are distributed with every block (roughly every 10 seconds) and can be withdrawn or compounded (re-staked) at any time.

Staking more SWAP for longer periods of time increases your Staking Score which increases your staking rewards as well as allocations in Launchpads and entries in FlashLaunch events.

Staking Score = (Amount of Swap staked) X (Time Multiplier)

The Time Multiplier is calculated as follows, with the minimum length for staking being 30 days.

  • 1x 30 days

  • 1.25x 90 days

  • 1.5x 180 days

  • 2x 1 year

  • 3x 2 years

  • 7x 4 years

  • 10x 5 years

Where do staking rewards come from?

$SWAP is a deflationary token meaning that no more tokens will ever be minted. Staking rewards come from the TrustSwap Foundation fund and regular buy-backs from the market. 5 million SWAP will be added to the Long-Term Staking rewards pools over 5 years. Additional SWAP from buy-backs will be added every month, continuously growing the staking rewards pool indefinitely. These extra staking rewards will come from the revenue from our products such as Team Finance, The Crypto App, Swappable, etc.

Staking payouts will happen hourly for stakers, proportionately based on their Staking Score. So if you have 1% of the points in the staking pool, you will earn 1% of the staking rewards every hour.

Where can I buy SWAP?

You can now purchase $SWAP tokens using fiat bank transfers or a credit card directly from our website by clicking on the Transak link. Alternatively, you can obtain $SWAP from your favorite centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Check TrustSwap's page on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko for the full list of supported marketplaces.

You can now also purchase vested SWAP tokens OTC at a discount of up to 10% off market price by using our Barter Contracts. KYC is required.

Hold Period

14 Days

30 Days

60 Days

120 Days






For more details on Barter Contracts, see our blog post here.

How can I stake my SWAP?

Once you have some $SWAP tokens, it's easy to stake them and start earning rewards. Just head over to our Long Term Staking Portal (LTSP), connect your Web3 wallet, and click on "New Stake". Follow the instructions to set your amount and staking period. Then verify the transaction in your wallet to complete your stake.

NOTE: Be very careful to verify all the details before completing the staking transaction. The smart contract is immutable and non-custodial so there is no way to un-do a stake or withdraw staked tokens before the staking period ends. Only the person with the private key that created the stake is able to access these tokens or withdrawal rewards.

How can I unstake my SWAP?

Once the staking period ends, you can retrieve your staked tokens by clicking "Existing Stakes" and selecting "Unlock". Complete the on-chain transaction and your tokens will be returned to your wallet.

Note: Only the wallet that initially staked the tokens can retrieve them. There is no way to un-stake tokens before the pre-set staking period ends.

Can I add to my stake or extend it?

Yes! You can extend the time period of your existing stake or add more SWAP, including any accumulated rewards (Compounding), at any time. This will increase your Staking Score and associated rewards including Launchpad allocations.

For more details on Long Term Staking, please see our blog post here.

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