Algorand Opt-In

Frequently asked questions about TrustSwap's Algorand Opt-In

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To use this tool, you will need an Algorand wallet

What is Algorand Opt-In?

Algorand works with a mandatory Opt-In process for you to receive a new token in your wallet. Only when you complete the Opt-In steps you will be be able to receive and see new tokens in your Algorand wallet. This process needs to be done once per token.

Does TrustSwap charge any fees for me to Opt-In?

No, this service is completely free of charge. You only need to pay the actual network fees to complete the Opt-In process and have a minimal Algorand balance in your wallet that will be temporarily locked for each new token you receive.

How does Algorand Opt-In work?

Make sure you have enough ALGO in your wallet to pay for the opt-in transaction fees as well as a minimum available ALGO balance that will be locked to receive the new token. Steps:

  1. Click [Asset Opt-In] in the right corner.

  2. Connect your Algorand wallet.

  3. Verify the displayed Algorand wallet is correct and press [NEXT].

  4. In the dropdown menu select the token you want to opt-in for, and press [NEXT].

  5. Click the button [Click here to Opt-In]

  6. In the MyAlgo Connect popup: Verify the data and click β€œContinue”.

  7. Enter your password to sign the transaction.

  8. Press [Sign].

  9. A small fee in ALGO will be charged for this opt-in.

  10. Click [FINISH] to complete the opt-in process.

That’s it. You are done! Ready to receive, view and transact your token.

Which wallet does the TrustSwap Opt-In process support?

The supported wallet is MyAlgoWallet.

As a company, how can I add my Algorand token to the Opt-In list?

Please reach out to TrustSwap using the following email:

Where can I get support?

For support please contact us on Telegram, or by clicking the chat button on the bottom right on our website

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